ios – Can not parse JSON appropriately

I confronted this drawback, tried to parse information from website ” used website, to parse information from this API, then pasted it into my code in CountryData and tried to decode this information in APIManager, however however when making an attempt to output any information to the console, no success.

The code for decoding is under:

import Basis

class APIManager{
    static let shared = APIManager()
    let urlString = "
    func getCountry(){
        let url = URL(string: urlString)!
        let request = URLRequest(url: url)
        let job = URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: request) { information, response, error in
            guard let information = information else { return }
            guard error == nil else {return}
            if let countryData = strive? JSONDecoder().decode(WelcomeElement.self, from: information){
            } else {

Parsed information from

import Basis

// MARK: - WelcomeElement
struct WelcomeElement: Codable {
    let identify: Title
    let tld: [String]?
    let cca2: String
    let ccn3: String?
    let cca3: String
    let cioc: String?
    let impartial: Bool?
    let standing: Standing
    let unMember: Bool
    let currencies: Currencies?
    let idd: Idd
    let capital: [String]?
    let altSpellings: [String]
    let area: Area
    let subregion: String?
    let languages: [String: String]?
    let translations: [String: Translation]
    let latlng: [Double]
    let landlocked: Bool
    let borders: [String]?
    let space: Double
    let demonyms: Demonyms?
    let flag: String
    let maps: Maps
    let inhabitants: Int
    let gini: [String: Double]?
    let fifa: String?
    let automotive: Automotive
    let timezones: [String]
    let continents: [Continent]
    let flags: Flags
    let coatOfArms: CoatOfArms
    let startOfWeek: StartOfWeek
    let capitalInfo: CapitalInfo
    let postalCode: PostalCode?

// MARK: - CapitalInfo
struct CapitalInfo: Codable {
    let latlng: [Double]?

// MARK: - Automotive
struct Automotive: Codable {
    let indicators: [String]?
    let facet: Facet

enum Facet: String, Codable {
    case sideLeft = "left"
    case sideRight = "proper"

// MARK: - CoatOfArms
struct CoatOfArms: Codable {
    let png: String?
    let svg: String?

enum Continent: String, Codable {
    case africa = "Africa"
    case antarctica = "Antarctica"
    case asia = "Asia"
    case europe = "Europe"
    case northAmerica = "North America"
    case oceania = "Oceania"
    case southAmerica = "South America"

// MARK: - Currencies
struct Currencies: Codable {
    let eur, afn: Aed?
    let sdg: BAM?
    let bgn, usd, pln, nzd: Aed?
    let tzs, mop, xof, czk: Aed?
    let ugx, ttd, dzd, uah: Aed?
    let mru, gel, ang, nad: Aed?
    let zar, mkd, mur, aud: Aed?
    let child, xaf, qar, kyd: Aed?
    let bwp, egp, ils, jod: Aed?
    let vnd, gbp, jep, gyd: Aed?
    let tvd, pgk, bsd, cve: Aed?
    let omr, ves, bob, cad: Aed?
    let nok, kgs, amd, cdf: Aed?
    let chf, szl, dkk, fok: Aed?
    let ngn, mwk, stn, fkp: Aed?
    let gtq, bbd, ghs, nio: Aed?
    let imp, aoa, dop, all: Aed?
    let lyd, kwd, bhd, tmt: Aed?
    let lrd, rub, php, xcd: Aed?
    let ron, inr, mmk, bzd: Aed?
    let mnt, sar, huf, ars: Aed?
    let xpf, yer, sek, shp: Aed?
    let brl, ssp, thb, currenciesTRY: Aed?
    let bmd, bdt, sgd, mdl: Aed?
    let kes, uyu, byn, lbp: Aed?
    let btn, myr, kzt, tnd: Aed?
    let gmd, syp, gnf, mzn: Aed?
    let wst, twd, kpw, djf: Aed?
    let srd, rwf, krw, jmd: Aed?
    let mvr, pyg, idr, mga: Aed?
    let iqd, hnl, mad, hkd: Aed?
    let lkr, htg, cuc, cup: Aed?
    let tjs, ckd, cop, uzs: Aed?
    let gip, pen, pkr, clp: Aed?
    let zmw, scr, crc, kmf: Aed?
    let isk, jpy, fjd: Aed?
    let bam: BAM?
    let mxn, khr, irr, rsd: Aed?
    let aed, azn, vuv, ern: Aed?
    let npr, pab, ggp, sbd: Aed?
    let zwl, awg, bnd, lak: Aed?
    let prime, lsl, sos, sll: Aed?
    let bif, etb, cny: Aed?

    enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
        case eur = "EUR"
        case afn = "AFN"
        case sdg = "SDG"
        case bgn = "BGN"
        case usd = "USD"
        case pln = "PLN"
        case nzd = "NZD"
        case tzs = "TZS"
        case mop = "MOP"
        case xof = "XOF"
        case czk = "CZK"
        case ugx = "UGX"
        case ttd = "TTD"
        case dzd = "DZD"
        case uah = "UAH"
        case mru = "MRU"
        case gel = "GEL"
        case ang = "ANG"
        case nad = "NAD"
        case zar = "ZAR"
        case mkd = "MKD"
        case mur = "MUR"
        case aud = "AUD"
        case child = "KID"
        case xaf = "XAF"
        case qar = "QAR"
        case kyd = "KYD"
        case bwp = "BWP"
        case egp = "EGP"
        case ils = "ILS"
        case jod = "JOD"
        case vnd = "VND"
        case gbp = "GBP"
        case jep = "JEP"
        case gyd = "GYD"
        case tvd = "TVD"
        case pgk = "PGK"
        case bsd = "BSD"
        case cve = "CVE"
        case omr = "OMR"
        case ves = "VES"
        case bob = "BOB"
        case cad = "CAD"
        case nok = "NOK"
        case kgs = "KGS"
        case amd = "AMD"
        case cdf = "CDF"
        case chf = "CHF"
        case szl = "SZL"
        case dkk = "DKK"
        case fok = "FOK"
        case ngn = "NGN"
        case mwk = "MWK"
        case stn = "STN"
        case fkp = "FKP"
        case gtq = "GTQ"
        case bbd = "BBD"
        case ghs = "GHS"
        case nio = "NIO"
        case imp = "IMP"
        case aoa = "AOA"
        case dop = "DOP"
        case all = "ALL"
        case lyd = "LYD"
        case kwd = "KWD"
        case bhd = "BHD"
        case tmt = "TMT"
        case lrd = "LRD"
        case rub = "RUB"
        case php = "PHP"
        case xcd = "XCD"
        case ron = "RON"
        case inr = "INR"
        case mmk = "MMK"
        case bzd = "BZD"
        case mnt = "MNT"
        case sar = "SAR"
        case huf = "HUF"
        case ars = "ARS"
        case xpf = "XPF"
        case yer = "YER"
        case sek = "SEK"
        case shp = "SHP"
        case brl = "BRL"
        case ssp = "SSP"
        case thb = "THB"
        case currenciesTRY = "TRY"
        case bmd = "BMD"
        case bdt = "BDT"
        case sgd = "SGD"
        case mdl = "MDL"
        case kes = "KES"
        case uyu = "UYU"
        case byn = "BYN"
        case lbp = "LBP"
        case btn = "BTN"
        case myr = "MYR"
        case kzt = "KZT"
        case tnd = "TND"
        case gmd = "GMD"
        case syp = "SYP"
        case gnf = "GNF"
        case mzn = "MZN"
        case wst = "WST"
        case twd = "TWD"
        case kpw = "KPW"
        case djf = "DJF"
        case srd = "SRD"
        case rwf = "RWF"
        case krw = "KRW"
        case jmd = "JMD"
        case mvr = "MVR"
        case pyg = "PYG"
        case idr = "IDR"
        case mga = "MGA"
        case iqd = "IQD"
        case hnl = "HNL"
        case mad = "MAD"
        case hkd = "HKD"
        case lkr = "LKR"
        case htg = "HTG"
        case cuc = "CUC"
        case cup = "CUP"
        case tjs = "TJS"
        case ckd = "CKD"
        case cop = "COP"
        case uzs = "UZS"
        case gip = "GIP"
        case pen = "PEN"
        case pkr = "PKR"
        case clp = "CLP"
        case zmw = "ZMW"
        case scr = "SCR"
        case crc = "CRC"
        case kmf = "KMF"
        case isk = "ISK"
        case jpy = "JPY"
        case fjd = "FJD"
        case bam = "BAM"
        case mxn = "MXN"
        case khr = "KHR"
        case irr = "IRR"
        case rsd = "RSD"
        case aed = "AED"
        case azn = "AZN"
        case vuv = "VUV"
        case ern = "ERN"
        case npr = "NPR"
        case pab = "PAB"
        case ggp = "GGP"
        case sbd = "SBD"
        case zwl = "ZWL"
        case awg = "AWG"
        case bnd = "BND"
        case lak = "LAK"
        case prime = "TOP"
        case lsl = "LSL"
        case sos = "SOS"
        case sll = "SLL"
        case bif = "BIF"
        case etb = "ETB"
        case cny = "CNY"

// MARK: - Aed
struct Aed: Codable {
    let identify, image: String

// MARK: - BAM
struct BAM: Codable {
    let identify: String

// MARK: - Demonyms
struct Demonyms: Codable {
    let eng: Eng
    let fra: Eng?

// MARK: - Eng
struct Eng: Codable {
    let f, m: String

// MARK: - Flags
struct Flags: Codable {
    let png: String
    let svg: String
    let alt: String?

// MARK: - Idd
struct Idd: Codable {
    let root: String?
    let suffixes: [String]?

// MARK: - Maps
struct Maps: Codable {
    let googleMaps, openStreetMaps: String

// MARK: - Title
struct Title: Codable {
    let widespread, official: String
    let nativeName: [String: Translation]?

// MARK: - Translation
struct Translation: Codable {
    let official, widespread: String

// MARK: - PostalCode
struct PostalCode: Codable {
    let format: String
    let regex: String?

enum Area: String, Codable {
    case africa = "Africa"
    case americas = "Americas"
    case antarctic = "Antarctic"
    case asia = "Asia"
    case europe = "Europe"
    case oceania = "Oceania"

enum StartOfWeek: String, Codable {
    case monday = "monday"
    case saturday = "saturday"
    case sunday = "sunday"

enum Standing: String, Codable {
    case officiallyAssigned = "officially-assigned"
    case userAssigned = "user-assigned"

typealias Welcome = [WelcomeElement]

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